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The "Helios 3D Browser Viewer" is an integral part of the Helios 3D software that creates an impressive presentation from your solar park projects - with just one mouse click away.

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HELIOS 3D the universal System Solution for Solar Plant Layout

HELIOS 3D is amongst the most advanced planning tools for utility scale PV plants available on the market. Since over five years a steadily growing number of market leading PV system integrators are planning their international projects with HELIOS 3D (see References).

They are shortening parts of their planning work, which conventionally done, last perhaps days, to less than one hour. Despite of this they get results that take any aspect of the terrain into account, without any doubt.

HELIOS 3D allows shadow free placement of PV racks on a digital terrain at any geographical position and at any given date or time. This core functionality is controllable by the planner to any requirement with a lot of parameters. The analyzing functions of the terrain during project development and the evaluation of a first draft help to get an optimized and trusted layout much faster.

The workflow supports all phases of the project process. From starting with a fast and meaningful analysis and project development, over the planning phase with no stress from changes to the evaluation and construction, HELIOS insures a fast and secure transfer of the project into the field.



STÖHR+SAUER CAD- und Computer System GmbH, Germany, and Beijing RETEC Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing, China, on 16. October 2014 have signed a contract for the distribution of the layout software "HELIOS 3D Engineering" in China.

New distributor for Helios 3D in China

Beijing RETEC Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is new distributor for Helios 3D in China.

RETEC Energy Technology operates as an engineering company in the field of renewable energy. The core business includes macro site selection, careful examination of the conditions for the use of the land for renewable energy technologies, wind and solar energy measurement technology, data management and analysis, resource assessment, feasibility studies, micro-siting, operation and maintenance of wind farms and solar systems.

In addition RETEC is trading partner, since many years, for several European companies, for the  measuring equipment and analysis software, they also use for their services..

RETEC has a professional team of nearly 20 experts, covering the areas of renewable energy, technical services, meteorology, geography, electrical automation, mechanical engineering and automation, and other related areas. Since 2005, this team is one of the very first Chinese engineering firms working in these areas.


RETEC takes over the distribution of HELIOS 3D for China.
All interested parties from China call directly to RETEC Energy Ltd.